Associates shall receive copies of all regular Club Mailings, specifically
    invitations,   newsletters, and   one yearbook.

    They will be welcome at all Club Functions but will have no membership

    It is required that they immediately apply for Full Membership in the event
    that they acquire a cruising sailboat. 

    Applications are acted upon at regular meetings of the Board of Governors
    which is usually held on the last Monday of the month.

    The general membership information is for club use and is not for commercial use or solicitation.

Please note after you enter all of the info  Please Select "SEND" button at  bottom to email it to Membership. 

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            All News Letters are sent by Email

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  If you know a member enter  their name , else we will contact you for an interview.



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    Please provide the following information so we can better know the
    demographics of our club in planning  appropriate activities for all members

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  Computer Skills        Member:               Spouse:  
                 Skills   None,  Basic,  Intermediate,    Advanced

   Join our Clubs FaceBook Account  "Y/N":  

          Initiation                                                                                    N/A
          Annual Dues                                                                            $67.50
          Make the check payable to SBCC and mail your check to
               South Bay Cruising Club Membership
               c/o Jay & Stephanie Pizer
               318 Clocks Boulevard,
               Massapequa NY 11758

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           Application will be sent to Membership Committee by email

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