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A Special Seminar with the US Coast Guard, West Marine
of West Islip and Milltech Marine of the Puget Sound, WA


The US Coast Guard presented their Rescue 21 capabilities!

Doug Miller, an AIS expert from Milltech Marine, assisted with the AIS content.

Adrienne Tesoro of West Marine in West Islip assisted with loaner equipment.


Above: Map of USCG Rescue 21 Towers near NYC



Here is what was presented:


VHF DSC: Why this is the most important safety tool for coastal cruising. If you've never made a VHF DSC call, you learned how in this seminar. Demonstrations included making a point-to-point VHF DSC call and calling a VHF DSC group.

USCG Rescue 21: Taking the ‘Search’ out of ‘Search and Rescue’ – the USCG often knows where you are in less than 3 seconds even if you don’t know where you are.

AIS: Why this is better than RADAR in some ways for safety at sea.

WiFi Repeater: Potentially free high speed Internet connectivity, with a range of up to 5 miles.

LED masthead light: Why this device might be the last time anyone needs to go to the top of your sailboat's mast.

Above: Picture of  Rescue 21 showing 5 radio directional finders converging on a target search area.

Above: Picture of the equipment that were used in the demonstrations


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