The South Bay Cruising Club (SBCC) was established to  promote cruising and racing under sail on the Great South Bay, Long Island, NY and nearby waters. Since it’s founding in 1951, it has grown to a group of over 200 sailing families. The only requirement for membership is owning a sailboat with an enclosed cabin in which one can prepare a meal and spend a comfortable night. The boat must be berthed on the Great South Bay or adjacent waters.

The SBCC exists to provide fun and camaraderie for its members and to promote all aspects of sailing. Between early May and the end of October, the Club conducts about 60 races each season mostly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with some races taking place on Saturdays and Sundays. Course lengths vary from 4 to 30 miles. The SBCC also hosts weekend rendezvous in various harbors around the bay from Amityville to Bellport. All members and their guests are invited to raft up or to anchor off and dink over to the party. You can find the SBCC somewhere on the bay every weekend from May to the end of October.

SBCC FaceBook Group         The SBCC FaceBook Group is set up for Members, Member Guest and those interested in Sailing.  Note Advertising or those not interested in sailing will be removed and blocked.  Please note this link only works if you have a FaceBook account.

SBCC Safety Plan and basic information for all boaters

Cruising Guide 2017  is intended to be a practical handbook to assist members of the South Bay Cruising Club (SBCC) sail the Great South Bay and the waters that the SBCC summer cruisers roam: providing the skipper with information.

Coast Guard Inspections Check List; The Coast Guard use this check list to determine if your boat has the proper safety equipment.  The left side of list is required while the right side is optional.

LI Sail Magazine, a web-based, free subscription magazine specializes in keeping us informed of all sailing activities on Long Island.   Go to www.lisail.com to view or subscribe.

The SBCC Photo Album has the latest posted photos of our events. We want to encourage SBCC members to submit their photos of rendezvous, cruises, races, and events for all to see. Simply email your photos with descriptions of the event to WebMaster@sbccsail.org

Flag Etiquette – Where do we fly it?  This article in SailNet can help you sort it all out.

Crew Overboard”  strikes a chill in every sailor.  Do you know what to do when someone on your boat goes overboard?  Steps and Procedure description from the RYA  Yachtmaster organization

Yacht Preventive Maintenance list Provided by Bob Forman with the help of Rusty Bradford who used to head up service at Hinckley.

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