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In order to encourage the companionship of our crew who race and cruise with us but do not own qualifying cruising sailboats of their own, and who have never been regular members in the past, the Club offers the hospitality of its functions and the convenience of its mailings. Upon sponsorship by two members in good standing, approval by the Board of Governors, and payment of such initiation fee and annual dues that the Board may deem appropriate, such individuals shall receive copies of all regular Club mailings, specifically invitations, newsletters, and one yearbook. They will be welcome at all Club functions but will have no membership privileges. It is required that they will immediately apply for membership in the event that they acquire a cruising sailboat, and that the Board will levy whatever additional fees may be deemed appropriate at that time. The general membership information is for club use and is not for commercial use or solicitation. If you know a member that can sponsor you please enter their name at the bottom of the form. If you do not know a member one will contact you. Dues are $80 a year.
Dues are $80 a year
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Please Note: All newsletters and club notifications are done by email.
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