Cruising Awards


During the cruising season, the Fleet Captain keeps track of who attended rendezvous, who attended cruises, who hosted rendezvous, and who was a cruise captain. The mechanism for this is that each rendezvous host is asked to give a report of the names of the members who spent the rendezvous night on their boat at the rendezvous location. Cruise captains are asked to do the same for the nights of their cruises.

Cruise members who spend the night of a rendezvous with their cruise get a rendezvous credit for one night of a rendezvous (because there is no ‘per night’ credit for a cruise and no penalty for a cruiser who misses a rendezvous because they are on a club cruise).  Only one such rendezvous credit is granted per cruise, even for cruises of two weeks or more.

There are times where a member’s boat might not be seen in the morning after a rendezvous night due to a variety of reasons such as fog, a member leaving early, etc. So the Fleet Captain publishes a list in the Masthead at the end of the season to give people a chance to set the record straight.

If a schedule rendezvous is cancelled and a member spends the night on their boat at the designated location, that qualifies for a rendezvous credit.

Cruise members who spend at least 1/2 of the cruise nights with the cruise get credit for the cruise. Others get no cruise credit. Members who spend a rendezvous night within reasonable dinghy distance of the rendezvous location qualify for rendezvous credit, for example, anchored outside of Atlantique instead of being at an Atlantique slip.

At the end of the cruise season, the Fleet Captain works with the Trophy Committee using this point system to determine award winners:

  • Special Awards (Sheila Daytz, Ken Kondor) as calculated as described in the yearbook
  • Cruise Captain Awards (if led a recognized Cruise)
  • Rendezvous Host Awards: 1 point for each hosted Rendezvous
  • Rendezvous Awards, by category: 1 award point for attending 4-7 rendezvous, and 2 award points for 8 or more. There are no points for attending 3 or less.
  • Cruise Attendance Awards: 1 point for attending a recognized Cruise (must have attended at least 50% of the scheduled dates)

If multiple folks co-hosted a Rendezvous they each get Host credit. If multiple folks co-captained a Cruise, they each get Cruise Captain credit.

The Fleet Captain has the discretion to offer a Blue Water Award or Green Water Award, both of which are described as given to the member who sails outside of the club’s normal cruising areas. The Blue Water Award is for the longer distance sailing, and the Green Water for nearer cruising. To get these awards, the member must show or copy his ship’s log to the Fleet Captain.